NIC WILSON // Curriculum Vitae

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I graduated from Grinnell College in May of 2012 with a B.A. in Studio Art (Honors).

A bullet-pointed list representing relevant elements of my skillset:

  1. English, Spanish language skills
  2. Using HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript to hand code websites
  3. A working knowledge of PHP and Wordpress, as well as other CMSs
  4. Extensive experience with Adobe Creative Suite 6 for video and image production
  5. Experience with modeling and animation in Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush
  6. Proficient in using Blender to render still images and animation
  7. Proficient with Final Cut Pro
  8. Knowledgeable in a range of DAWs, primarily Ableton Live and Pro Tools
  9. Experience with most aspects of live music production and venue management


Here are some places I have worked:

Faulconer Gallery. Community Outreach and Programming Intern. (Spring 2012)

Axelle Editions. Print Shop Intern. (Summer 2011)

Grinnell Concerts. Chair; booked/ran concerts, managed a staff and a $100k budget. (2010-2011)

I produced live visuals for:

Massacooramaan and Cedaa @ Gardner Lounge (2013)

House of Ladosha, Rizzla, and Total Freedom @ Gardner Lounge (2012)

I have received the following awards:

Henely Best in Show. Student Art Salon, Faulconer Gallery. (2011, 2012)

Zirkle Prize for Sculpture. Student Art Salon, Faulconer Gallery. (2011)

Some Group Exhibitions I have participated in:

Ghosting.TV #13 1205 N Main St Los Angeles CA. (2014)

DRM Northwest Film Forum, Seattle. (2014)

USB Show Paris. Le Point Éphémère, Paris. (2012)

BarrioBajero Liked This. Valverde Street 23, Madrid. http://  (2010)

Ideal X. Faulconer Gallery/Molekula. (2010)

A Solo Exhibition:

Taken 4 Granite. Smith Gallery. (2011)

I have had work in the following publications:

O Fluxo, Issue #1. (2012)

Quattro Formaggi. (2011)

SvartKonst. (2010)


Two lectures I have given:

Activism and Internet Art. Grinnell College. (2013)

Jenny Holzer's Inflammatory Essays: Exploring Agency and Cultural Spaces. JCC Gallery. (2012)

Press on things I have done and projects I’ve been involved in: